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Knife Skills was the last thing on my mind.

Lately I have been busy with a few different projects: Playing bass for the awesome Brooklyn band Dragons of Zynth, starting a new women’s music collective called Chica Vas, writing for Tom Tom, a fantastic magazine about lady drummers. Why come back to a band that no longer existed?

Nostalgia, I guess, pure and simple. I was moving out of my old practice space when I uncovered a box of demos we had been selling on tour. Demos encased in plastic sleeves that were lovingly silkscreened with silver and purple ink, by myself and our drummer, Joel. What the hell, I thought, I’ll listen to it. And guess what, it sounded awesome! Oh shit, we were a good band!

So, what happened to Knife Skills, why didn’t our one and only full length record, “Disco Apocalypso” ever come out on 5RC Records? The story is so common and predictable it could have been lifted right out of Michael Azerrad’s “Our Band Could Be Your Life” (one of my favorite books, the chapters on Big Black and Dinosaur Jr. being my personal favorites): Band gets record deal with small but respected label, are thrilled to pieces because it’s more than they ever hoped for, band goes on tour, band buckles under pressure, band breaks up.

Knife Skills was a labor of love for all of us; myself, Anna, and Joel. I always felt it was a shame that this record never did get to see the light of day, and after so much effort! So, with the label’s blessing, I decided to put together this tribute website and give away EP versions of the record.

Family Portrait
Taken after a show at Taix in Echo Park, Los, Angeles. From L-R: FonLin, Joel, and Anna. Photo by Kiyoshi Nakazawa, (Drunken Master).
Indie rock bands aren’t meant to be around for a very long time; they have a limited shelf life before the next hot thing grabs the spotlight. But a record, a record is a moment in time when that band can be at its best, and this is a little slice of that time for us. I wouldn’t be putting up this site if I hadn’t truly loved this band and was proud of the music and art that was Knife Skills.

I want to thank all the awesome Brooklyn institutions that supported us and the music scene here (Monster Island, Glasshouse, Luxx, Todd P, Left Bank, Union Pool, and countless others); Portia and Slim at 5RC for their patience and support and for hearing something special; and all the kids who came out to the shows and made this whole journey worth it. Thanks for looking and listening.

With love,

PS - RIP Jerry Fuchs, who died in Dec 2009. He was a friend and fellow musican, graciously agreeing to play with us on our first EP, Get Home Safe. Not only was Jerry an amazing drummer, but he was one of a kind, funny, amazingly talented, and always humble. I felt honored to be playing with him. Jerry, I always knew you’d go far. Listen to his simple but masterful drumming here.

- FonLin is a musician and designer living in Brooklyn, NY.
She plays bass for Dragons of Zynth and is a founding member of Chica Vas, a collective of Brooklyn’s finest lady musicians.

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